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From 1st July until 31st December 2021 Slovenia will be in the driving seat of the Council of the EU. CPDS Europe is helping the Slovenian administration to prepare for this important role.  

Together with its partners from Estonia (ESD) and Lithuania (ESTEP), CPDS Europe is delivering a large-scale training project for the Slovenian government. Ca 72 training courses entitled English for EU Presidency are aimed to enhance language skills for future working party Chairs, National Delegates, Assistants, Coordinators, Administrative Staff, Spokespersons and PR Officers.

4 different modules:

  • English for EU Presidency I
  • English for EU Presidency II
  • English for Administrative Staff
  • English for Spokespersons and PR Officers

have been designed to offer comprehensive and interactive learning that help to raise participants’ confidence when using English language in the context of the EU and the Presidency. Each training course lasts 2-3 days and includes a number of practical exercises, advice and tips for effective language use. In addition, the courses focus on developing chairing and negotiation skills through simulation  exercises drawn on real-life cases.

The project was kicked off in February 2020 with face-to-face training sessions at the Academy of Public Administration in Ljubljana. Due to Covid19 outbreak in March the same year, the project was temporarily hampered, but resumed in September after a complete re-adjustment to online mode.  Hence, the majority of training has taken place on Zoom.

The estimated project  end time is May 2021, when ca 1000 participants are expected to have completed the modules.

CPDS Europe is proud of its achievements for helping the Slovenian officials, both in the capital and in Slovenian Permanent Representation in Brussels, to acquire relevant knowledge and competency that will help to bring positive outcome for the Slovenian forthcoming Presidency. CPDS Europe  training team, consisting of EU experts and fluent English speakers from UK, IE, NL, FR, LT, CZ, BE, EE, is doing its best to offer an interesting and interactive training experience. Participants feedback demonstrates more than 90% of satisfaction with the delivered corses. 

“I found the course very useful and valuable. I especially enjoyed the simulation exercises where we were challenged to get out of the comfort zone and put our negotiation skills in practice. The trainer was very professional introducing the subject in an engaging way and offering useful tips and advice while sharing her own experience”I

Bojan Pogačar
Ministry of Environment and Spacial Planning of Slovenia
Course name: English for EU Presidency II,
February 2021

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