Chairing Meetings

2 days in classroom
or 14h online
10-16 people
Delivery methods
video recording and feedback
classroom and/or online

The performance and quality of Chair is a decisive factor for the success of a meeting. This applies in particular to meetings in the framework of the EU and the UN. Our seasoned practitioners will share their experience on how to deal with a broad spectrum of challenges that Chairperson may be confronted with. Their personal advice and professional feedback helps you to get the best results and advance your authority and respect in any international meeting.


Over the years this training course have become one of CPDS’ main products for the EU Member States that are preparing for their upcoming tenure as the Presidency of the Council of the EU. It consists of close-to-reality exercises that focus on the role of the Chair and offers tools and approaches necessary to deal with challenging situations and overcome obstacles at a chairing table. We often use video to support the learning effect. All our trainers are experienced first-hand practitioners, that offer advice and tips with constructive criticism and feedback for improvement.


Course objectives

Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a successful role of the Chair

Lean how to set goals, lobby to reach agreement, conclude the agreement and follow up on their achievemnet

Learn to effectively prepare for the meeting as well as to efficiently and constructively report back of its results

Apply and have a command of various meeting management strategies that help to create a trustful atmosphere while adhering to procedures and managing time

What does it involve?

A brief introduction to the course and the Do’s and Don’ts – how to formulate objectives and how to use formal and informal means to reach them. The trainers will share their experience and insights how to manage meetings in different international institutions, such as the European Parliament, Commission and the Council. The trainers touch upon the powers, advantages as well as disadvantages of the Chair. The participants should expect a lot of practice and little theory.

Learning outcome

After the course the participant will have a set of tools to handle in a range of situations he/she will be confronted with during an international meeting. The participants will be better prepared and have more confidence in him/herself.

Face-to-face or online?

The course has been tested and successfully delivered both in face-to-face setting as well as online. Organisations and individuals can choose their preferred format.

Estimated learning time

In classroom: 2 days
Online: 3 x half-day sessions scheduled by the client
4 x half-day sessions, if covering exercises of both bilateral and multilateral negotiations, or additional modules 

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