International Negotiation Skills

1-2 days in classroom
or 8-14h online
8-16 participants
Delivery methods
role plays
classroom and/or online

Taking care of one’s interest often requires negotiation, whether you work for a government, international organisation or a private enterprise.

This highly participatory course is delivered by trainers with extensive international negotiation experience, and designed to give participants a practical understanding of the contexts, challenges and techniques of international negotiation.

Why Negotiation Skills?

In order to pursue your economic, security, commercial and other interests, every government department or large private organisation can expect to be involved in negotiations with other countries or similar parties. This could be in a bi-lateral setting or within a multilateral, international framework. As the lines between the public and private blur, representatives of large organisations can find themselves in similar situations.

International Negotiation Skills is a highly participatory course, delivered by trainers with extensive international negotiation experience, and designed to give participants a practical understanding of the context, challenges and techniques of international negotiation.

The course can be delivered at two levels: to benefit those who have some experience of negotiation, and those who may be new to this kind of work. Prospective participantys and/or their managers can opt for the level required.

Separate 2-day workshop can be delivered for policy staff supporting the negotiating team. It will include understanding the negotiating context and process, but will focus specifically on the roles and tasks of policy staff including briefing, influencing and policy development as the negotiation proceeds (see relevant course descriptions in Our Courses)

Course objectives

Develop your understanding of negotiation styles and techniques

Explore the dynamics and challenges of negotiation

Obtain the skills necessary for successful negotiation

Practice influencing techniques in the context of real life events

What does it involve?

The course combines seminars with participatory role-play exercises to be followed by immediate feedback to maximise and embed learning and skills development. Negotiation situations studies and practiced include bilateral (e.g. UK-EU, EU-China), multilateral (e.g. within the EU, or in the World Trade Organisation), one-on-one influencing and intra-departmental negotiations.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course the participants will have gained an understanding of the challenges of international negotiation, and of some of the techniques and skills used to negotiate successfully. They will have acquired knowledge of their own skills as a negotiator through participatory exercises, and acknowledge how to develop and improve those skills.

Face-to-face or online?

The course has been successfully run both on in-person setting as well as online. Organisations and individuals can choose their preferred format and online platform.

Estimated learning time

Face-to-face: 2 days. 
Online: 3 x half-day sessions scheduled by the client.
4 x half-day sessions: if both bilateral and multilateral negotiations with respective exercises are required, or other modules included.

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