Political Analysis and Policy-Making

1-2 days in classroom
or 8-14h online
8-16 people
Delivery methods
analysis of policy framework
stakeholder/influence mapping
classroom and/or online

Policy – or the lack of it – determines where the world is going.  You want to engage and shape it, not to be a bystander. To develop your skills to understand and contribute to the policy-making process we will engage you in immersive exercises that will boost your skills to analyse and formulate policy. We will provide you with effective tools and exclusive feedback that will allow you to become a player, rather than just a stakeholder. 

Course objectives

Understand policy-making

Provide deep insight into policy-making mechanism

Good and bad policy

Understand what makes good policy and why some policies are successful while others fail

Learn the tools and techniques

Obtain a set of proven tools of analysis, ready to be applied in the world of their daily tasks and responsibilities

Practise and improve

Improve performance through simulations of participants' real-life tasks and responsibilities

What does it involve?

Trainers with exclusive experience will introduce a set of proven tools that will help you understand policymakers and their motives as well as the background and context of particular forms of policy. Participants will then typically engage in immersive exercises to work with these tools. All exercises are performed in small groups (maximal 8) under the guidance of a group-dedicated tutor, whether the course is delivered face 2 face or online. Individual and collective exercises will be mixed with feedback sessions.

Learning outcome

After completing this course, participants will have gained a thorough understanding of the policy-making process and the stakeholders that shape it. They will be able to apply techniques and skills to analyse policy successfully in their daily work.

Online and face-to-face

This course has been tested and delivered multiple times successfully in face-to-face modus and we have developed a similarly successful version for online delivery. Organisations and individuals can choose their preferred format. A typical face-to-face course would involve 8 participants per one trainer, allowing maximum learning opportunity and the best possible coaching and experience sharing. The small size of the group guarantees an intensive and long-lasting peer learning effect.

Estimated learning time

Live sessions: 1 day
Online sessions: 2 x half-day sessions

Hear from our alumni

“Many thanks for these three days! The theory and especially the exercises were great. The experiences, anecdotes and wisdoms from the trainers made it easy to follow and very interesting.”

Sebastian, Switzerland - Political Reporting and Briefing, June 2020
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