Reporting and Briefing

1-2 days in classroom
or 8h online
8-16 people
Delivery methods
writing skills
individual work
expert feedback
classroom and/or online

Top level decision-makers like Ministers and CEO’s depend on information that is accurate, timely, complete and concise.

We will help you to become an excellent communicator supporting  your superiors, providing them with the quality of reporting and briefing they need.


For their actions and decisions, high-level performers like Ministers and CEO’s depend on information that is accurate, timely, complete and concise. Those who support them, should master the art of written and oral communication for reporting and briefing that lives up to their expectations of quality.

Course objectives

Learn the techniques to report in an effective and efficient way

Produce accurate, daring, reader-friendly and reader-appealing reports and briefs

Learn how to take the most of your sources

Overcome the challenges of oral briefing

What does it involve?

After an introduction to the characteristics and basics of effective written and oral communication, participants engage into series of exercises based on real-life situations. The trainers provide advice and inspiration on how to use available sources and manage the collected information. Participants produce individual written reports on issues concerning international affairs,  as well as written briefs targeted to a superior – such as a Minister –  for the purpose of upcoming meeting. The course includes a session on oral briefing where the participants engage in role play and test their briefing skills in a context of challenging circumstances. 

Learning outcomes

Based on the feedback received by the trainers and peer reviews in the classroom, participants’ written and oral communication skills improve. They gain confidence and direction when writing reports and briefs. They will also be able to identify the areas that require further improvement, ultimately enhancing their own effectivity and adding value to the organisation.

Face-to-face or online?

The course has been successfully delivered multiple times in face-to-face modus as well as online. Organisations and individuals can choose their preferred format. A typical in-person course involves 8 participants per 1 trainer, allowing maximum learning opportunity and the best possible coaching and experience sharing. The small size of the group guarantees an intensive and long-lasting peer learning effect.

Estimated learning time

Live sessions: 1 day
Online: 2 x half day sessions scheduled by the client


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