CPDS draws on a global network of expert trainers and mentors with decades of hands-on experience

Our expert leaders have been in that lonely space beyond the science or data where judgment kicks in. They have operated under intense pressure – managing the crisis, securing the elusive deal.
They have chaired impossible meetings, confronted the most obstructive characters, and effectively built trust. CPDS enables you to work with them in small groups, in an exclusive setting.

Anne Lambert CMG

Course Director, CPDS UK Anne Lambert CMG

Antony Vinall

Course Director, CPDS UK Antony Vinall

Dr Valerie Caton

Course Director, CPDS UK Dr Valerie Caton

Jacqueline Minor

Course Director, CPDS UK Jacqueline Minor

Marketa Brennan

Project Manager, CPDS UK Marketa Brennan

Karel de Beer

Course Director, CPDS Europe Karel de Beer

Dr Peter Schoof

Course Diretor, CPDS Europe Dr Peter Schoof

Michael Roberts

Course Director, CPDS Europe Michael Roberts

Dr Laure Delcour

Course Director, CPDS Europe Dr Laure Delcour