Vicky held senior roles in business (Rio Tinto), government (FCO Director/Ambassador level) and most recently leading Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business, an influential and innovative Asia-based thinktank, which focussed on governance, disclosure, ESG and human rights; guided international and local companies to improve practices; and convened debates with companies, governments, and civil society groups, including on regulatory reforms. She is experienced Committee member and Chair.

Recent Board and advisory roles concerning responsible business, stakeholder engagement/transparency, and certification, both in business (Telenor, SMART Power Myanmar, Myanmar Institute of Directors) and in multistakeholder initiatives (GNI, ICoCA) With wide-ranging sectoral knowledge gained from MCRB’s pioneering ‘sector-wide impact assessments’ (SWIAs) on mining, oil and gas, ICT/telecoms, tourism, agriculture and private security, as well as work with the garment, FMCG, banking, and logistics sectors. Chaired multistakeholder discussions to follow up SWIA recommendations to ensure that they were taken forward in legislation and company practice.

She is widely networked, experienced communicator, with extensive national/international media and public speaking experience on responsible business, including at OECD, UN, and academic institutions including London School of Economics (LSE), Oxford Said Business School, University of Bergen, University of Zurich, University of Notre Dame and the CEMS programme.

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